Today’s outing to the Airport (10-4-13)

Today we went to the Malta International Airport. First we had a guided tour of the airport and went through all the sections in the airport just as if we were going depart to another country or as if we were coming back to Malta: we went through the Departures, the security check, the Gates section, then near the baggage reclaim (where passengers get back their suitcases) and finally in the Arrivals

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After that, we did our Maths Trail around the different sections of the MIA (Malta International Airport), where, among other things, we investigated the taxi tariffs to different locations and also the destinations of different tourists in the Departures


One response to “Today’s outing to the Airport (10-4-13)

  1. Caroline Farrugia

    Phoebe came home trilled…she said she did not want to leave the Airport..she really enjoyed herself…thanks


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