Welcome back to school!


A new scholastic year has begun today! Welcome to year 4!


9 responses to “Welcome back to school!

  1. thank you for this blog – am sure it will be a great communication tool for you, your students and us parents. have a great year ahead. chris (father of rayhan)

  2. Thank you for your comment! Say hello to Rayhan too!

  3. Duncan Tanti(Denzel's dad)

    Thanks for the blog. I promise my support in what you do for the kids.Denzel is already feeling at home in your class.

  4. You are welcome. Thanks for your support too, I really appreciate. Say hello to Denzel!

  5. hay ms. I am ahmad. wat a butiful claas

  6. Hey Ahmad! See you at school!!

  7. A big well done ms. cremona maia comes homes every day excited and happy about the day at school. Keep it UP!

  8. Thanks! Say hello to Maia! 🙂

  9. Hello miss i am rayhan i am having a fun holiday

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