L-Ghid it-Tajjeb

L-Ghid it-Tajjeb lilkom tfal, lill-familji taghkom, u lil kulhadd! 


2 responses to “L-Ghid it-Tajjeb

  1. Hi Ms. Cremona,
    Wanted to thank you for the fantastic year Maia passed in your class. She talks about you all the time and is already missing you. Enjoy your Summer Holidays you very well deserve them. We are both very anxious for her annual exams results. Good Luck! and maybe we meet again next year if Tyrone is in your class !!!!


  2. Hi Vanessa and Maia!
    It was my pleasure having such a dedicated and positive student as Maia in my class! Annual results shouldn’t take long to be out, most probably not more then next week. She worked hard, so she shouldn’t be worried, as not just the result in itself is important but the effort she has put. Maybe we’ll meet again, that’s true! 🙂
    Happy holidays to all the family!!!!

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