Happy holidays!

After studying and having your annual exams, summer holidays have finally arrived! Well done to all those who worked hard during the year (and most of you did 🙂 )!

Now that you have your holidays, don’t forget that learning is ALWAYS important. And nothing can make learning more fun than finding good stories to read in interesting books! Remember to read both in Maltese and in English so that in September you will arrive prepared for the next scholastic year!


Have fun during your holidays, you deserve it!


4 responses to “Happy holidays!

  1. Enjoy your holidays you too .Thanks for every think

  2. You’re welcome! Thanks for your cooperation too 🙂

  3. hi Ms. Cremona,
    received the results on Wednesday! Overall Maia did pretty well was a bit disappointed in her Math result but we will work a bit harder. I thank you once more for the fantastic year and keep up the good work.

  4. If she continues working hard, she will improve in all subjects, even in those where she already did very well, I’m sure of it.
    Happy holidays!

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