Some games related to place value:

Counting to 10 game:

Counting to 20 game:


Adding, subtracting, times, devision game (for this week, focus on adding and subtracting)

Addition pyramid game


A powerpoint about measuring lenght,1,Measuring Length

A game about measuring length (click READING LENGHT)


2 D shapes (flat shapes)


Symmetry – click on “random” and try to paint a symmetrical design (click on the square and it will change colour. Continue clicking until you find the right colour).

Symmetry – try to find the lins of symmetry (click on the shape to see if you were right!)



Remember: Naughty Elephants Squirm Water


This is the number line where you can use colours.

When counting in ones we go sideways ( -> ) and when counting in 10s we go down.

Counting in 10s game – click on the right number (then more then the one shown). Then click “next”.

Counting in 1s or in 10s – on the top left corner, find how many numbers you want to add, and move the lever “steps of”. Then click on the mole with the right answer.


Doubling and halving game:


Multiplication games:




Time – face of an analogue clock:

Time – digital and analogue clock game:

Time – digital and analogue clock problems:


Adding multiples of 10 game:


Pairs that make up 100:


Put the numbers in order:



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