Happy holidays!

After studying and having your annual exams, summer holidays have finally arrived! Well done to all those who worked hard during the year (and most of you did 🙂 )!

Now that you have your holidays, don’t forget that learning is ALWAYS important. And nothing can make learning more fun than finding good stories to read in interesting books! Remember to read both in Maltese and in English so that in September you will arrive prepared for the next scholastic year!


Have fun during your holidays, you deserve it!


L-Ghid it-Tajjeb

L-Ghid it-Tajjeb lilkom tfal, lill-familji taghkom, u lil kulhadd! 

Il-Karnival wasal!

Ghadda Jannar, waslu u ghaddew l-ezamijiet, u malajr sibna l-Karnival maghna! Il-Karnival it-Tajjeb lil kulhadd!!

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Happy Christmas!

I would like to wish a very Happy Christmas to all my students and their families! May this Christmas bring joy and peace of heart to all! 


Today is already the 7th of December! Tomorrow it’s the feast of the Immaculate Conception, and in 18 days time it will be Christmas! Here is how we started decorating our class during this week 🙂

presepju new

This is our Christmas crib with St Joseph, Mary and Jesus in the grotto, the angel singing Christmas carols nearby, and all the other characters amongst which the sheperds, and the three Kings.


Ftit tal-gimghat ilu, fil-harga gewwa r-Rabat u l-Imdina, zorna wkoll il-katakombi. Hemm, fost il-hafna affarijiet li rajna u tghallimna, rajna wkoll dan is-salib minqux. katakombi new

Bhalma tghallimna fil-klassi, l-ewwel insara kienu jaghmlu disinji differenti mal-hitan tal-katakombi. Fosthom kien hemm salib, kuruna tal-fjuri, pellikan, dghajsa u hamiema. Kollha kienu jfakkruhom f’ Gesu. Ahna stajna naraw dan is-salib.


A new month has starter! Welcome


Did you recognise the pumpkins in the letter “E” of November?